The Connection Formula

The Connection Formula with Leo Hererra

To succeed as a high performer, you need to develop the right mindset and aim high.

Learn how to apply powerful connection principles to harness the power of your true potential.

from a kid with a dream to a highly ranked golfer and a social entrepreneur, Leo Herrera proves the value in going beyond your limitations to take life to the next level.

Now he's ready to guide you through his formula for success so that
you can begin to see what's possible for yourself.

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The Connection Formula

In this 6 Module Course, Leo Herrera teaches you the complete formula on
how to connect to something bigger than yourself to take your
performance to the next level. From developing a deeper relationship with
yourself to building meaningful connections with others, Leo shares expert
tips, real-life experience and wisdom that meets you where you are.

Learn from the power of an revolutionary's mindset to tap into the values that
build competence and clarity in all areas of your life.

what will you Expect
from this Course?

You are naturally a high achiever looking to take your performance to the next level. Through this course you will experience the power of connection by applying transformational practices that will completely change the way you perceive your reality so that you can start to co-create your biggest aspirations.

The lessons inside are designed to guide you through a path of awakening that will revolutionize the way you show up in life so that you can work on becoming a disruptive force in your industry.

Hear how Leo Herrera has persevered through his life's journey and why it’s important to earn your success every day.

In 6 Video Modules, Leo will guide you through a proven step by step
model that will neurologically hardwire you for success and empower
you to create new habits that will fulfill your life’s purpose.

Each lesson comes with :
bite-sized videos, action steps,
questions to reflect on.

Meet Your Instructor

“Top Pro Golfer Leo Hererra rose from an immigrant family and quickly embarked on a journey to shape his own destiny, driven by an unwavering determination to showcase his unique formula for achieving success.”.

With no formal business education, he relied on his core values as he nurtured an online platform into a renowned global high-performance brand. Through his six video modules, Leo shares the invaluable lessons he has learned throughout his journey as a top athlete and entrepreneur, unveiling the secrets to reaching peak performance by offering a holistic approach that empowers individuals to unleash their full potential.

Hi, my name is

Leo Herrera

From the tender age of three, I embarked on a lifelong journey with golf, honing my skills and passion for the sport. By the time I was seven, I fearlessly delved into competitive play, emerging victorious in my first four local tournaments. As my dedication and talent continued to flourish, I triumphed at the state and national levels, earning a prominent position among the top 20 junior players in the national rankings. This achievement paved the way for an extraordinary opportunity to play Division 1 golf at one of Florida's premier institutions on a full scholarship.

As an athlete, I have always been searching for ways to optimize daily performance. I put in a substantial amount of time into personal growth courses to gather a comprehensive understanding of life and connect the dots to perform at a higher level.

After a long journey of reflection and introspection during my solitary year in college, I felt a strong urge to pursue something bigger. Taking the initiative, I made the decision to lead my own path as a professional golfer and entrepreneur. Now, I feel compelled to share my wisdom to a community of like minded high achievers. I do this with the goal of providing a simple understanding that will help people like you revolutionize your relationship with life to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Through my ongoing observations of life, I have realized that the majority of us live our lives without giving ourselves the chance to be intentional with our actions and maximize our value. That’s why I made it my mission to put this meticulously crafted program together and guide you through a proven step by step model that will neurologically hardwire you for success and empower you to create new habits that will fulfill your life’s purpose, or better said, give you a true sense of connection.

I am excited to share the practices and that made me successful so you can aim for greatness in your own life. harness the power of an abundant mindset to spark a motivation inside of you that drives you to living a passionate life filled with purpose.

Get ready to take your biggest shot yet and make the most of being alive.

Who is this course
best suitable for?

  • You are between ages of 18-35 years
  • You feel insecure about the future of the direction you are heading
  • You are aware about how the world is rapidly changing and are looking for guidance how to best navigate this ever-changing landscape
  • You know there is more to success than just the physical aspect of life. The body-mind connecting is what truly gives you a sense of purpose.
  • You are building a ambitious career, have launched a business, or looking for a way to accelerate success in life
  • You worry about having to work all the time without feeling like you will ever play a significant role in the world
  • You are looking for a proven framework to help you improve daily performance in every area of life
  • You are a natural go-getter and you are not afraid to take massive action on new ideas

Course Objective

How to get the most from this course?

In order to maximize your results in this course make sure to take notes during each lesson, mark 20 minutes per day on your calendar to study a lesson, and apply the action steps provided after each lesson to show up as the new you in your daily life.

By the end of this course, you will have new profound understandings of life that will guide you to living intentionally, a custom made game plan to be continuously progressing toward your objectives, and a mediation you can use daily to magnetize a flow of abundance into your life.



Module 01


In this module, you’ll learn about the power of connection by teaching you how to apply it to various aspects of your life and how to connect with the three most fundamental values that shape a connected individual - taking your performance to the next level, improve your overall state of being, and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

  • The Truth
  • The Nature Of The Self
  • Asking The Right Questions
  • The Path Of Self Mastery
  • The Search For Wholeness

Module 02


In this module, you’ll learn how to identify how certain factors are impacting you, where you should direct your focus, and how to begin taking actionable steps towards living a connected life.

  • The End Of All Suffering
  • An Attitude Of Gratitude
  • Being A Giver
  • Entering The Flow
  • Experiencing Coherence

Module 03


In this module, you'll learn to enhance your performance by building a stronger relationship with yourself, assessing your current situation, and creating a clear vision of who you want to become.

  • Making The Commitment
  • Examining Your Potential
  • Transforming Your Beliefs
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Finding Authenticity

Module 04


In this module, we will explore creating meaningful connections, leveraging those connections, and taking ownership of your own support network as a leader.

  • Cultivating Self Esteem
  • Finding Your Passions
  • Creating New Comfort Zones
  • Developing Grit
  • Igniting Responsibility

Module 05


In this module, you’ll learn to explore the connection to something greater than ourselves by understanding the nature of reality and learning how to connect to the abundant flow of life force energy that is always around us through guided meditation.

  • The Relationship Framework
  • Polishing Interactions
  • Building Intimacy
  • Finding Your Inner Circle
  • Expanding Your Reach

Module 06


In module six, you’ll unpack the full step-by-step playbook that aligns your actions with your life's purpose, empowering you to become an unstoppable force for positive change in the world - Mastering The Connection Formula.

  • The Formula
  • The Vision
  • The Purpose
  • The Game Plan
  • Maximizing Your Intentions


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No matter where you are in your success journey, the simple answer is YES! Just starting out? The course can help you reach your goals faster. Well on your way? The course can help you overcome the hurdles and challenges holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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